Merry Christmas eh?

This is a warning. If anyone puts a negative comment on here, it will be deleted and you will possibly be defriended. If you don’t like what I write, tough shit. These are my thoughts and my opinions.

I have been out of work for a month. This was unexpected and following my bout with pnuemonia in October has left me totally broke. I have $3.00 in the bank. I have applied for roughly 28 jobs. I have had 3 interviews.

Today my car broke down and one of my pets is very ill.

The Unemployment Office AND Food Stamps both want me to drop out of college even though I have 4 classes left this semester AND I have a 4.0 GPA. My UE is still in limbo. If I drop out of school, I also face repaying my Pell Grants.

I am a very strong person and have made it through many things. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, homelessness and mental illness.

I am now at my breaking point.

I rarely ask for help. I prefer to handle my own shit my own way.

Well I have asked for help recently from friends and family. The ONLY person who has helped me has been my exhusband. Someone who doesn’t owe me anything but yet has helped me out.

That’s it though. Not even my own family will help me. Not even my so called friends.

So I hope everyone who has told me they cannot even spare a few dollars because well you know Christmas is coming up, has a MERRY CHRISTMAS.


One thought on “Merry Christmas eh?

  1. sherry i feel for you….been there, done that, and still there, and doing that….its been a very devasting 25 years for me too. Raising my son alone, on a welfare trip…you know how it goes..lost my husband 8 years ago, 2 kids to raise…..never a dime to my name….but i have somehow managed to survive and i truly believe with all my Heart & Soul you will too. I have found the true meaning of this Life we Live….Our Good Lord!!!!!! Sherry put all your faith in His hands and He will see you through this terrible time…I know it takes forever…but never, never give up!!!!!!!!!!!! This year like you know my extension was ripped off but i fought and i sort of got some hardship money from this supervisor lady Ms.Winter…I believe she is my angel in disguise. still waiting to hear from her cause i am still owed $3700…….I took myself out of reality some months ago. surrendered to Satan and gave up…it was the darkest place to be. but got up one day and knew i was strong and had to fight on…….we all have shit happen to us..its how we handle it…….do not give up sherry….all will turn around….you will see……. stay strong!!!!!! your new friend Jody…….

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