Job Hunting: Too Digitized and Impersonal?

I have now been unemployed 6 weeks. Over the course of the last 6 weeks, I have applied for 38 jobs at least.

Almost all of these have been online. Even the restaurant around the block from you now requires applications to be made online. Overall this is an efficient way to gather information.

BUT is this the best way to determine who is a perfect fit for jobs that involve public interaction? How can you see how outgoing, vocal, pleasant and the amount of eye contact there is? The point is you can’t.

To just look at words on a piece of paper or computer screen and try to decide whether this person is right for the job, leaves too much to chance.

I’ve had 3 first interviews and one 2nd interview with no luck.

Please, wish me luck and if you know of any openings let me know.

In the meantime if you’d like to help me save my home from foreclosure, feel free to donate using the button to the right. All donations will go directly to paying my mortgage. All donations, big or small, will be greatly appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Job Hunting: Too Digitized and Impersonal?

  1. What kind of resume are you using? After our company closed last year, we had some one on one time with job coaches who taught us how to make more functional, eye-catching, etc resumes–the first few lines of my resume aren’t my previous jobs, they’re testimonials from some of my old employers. It could be a good to way make yourself stand out.

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